Youth projects

The main activity of all participants in creation of the Family Memory Memorial and Educational Complex is work with young people. History research was part of the program of Ukrainian-German youth meetings. Schoolchildren from Ukraine and Germany talked to former victims of Nazism and recorded interviews with them. Three times our German friends visited Krolevets where Ivan Dudar lived. In 2007, they visited Shostka for the first time. The Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation NGO, from 2008 – International Foundation Mutual Understanding and Tolerance, – has been a permanent partner of the Documentation Centre Powder Factory Liebenau (Dokumentationsstelle Pulverfabrik Liebenau eV). During this time, a lot of valuable historical materials were collected about the residents of Shostka, Ivota, and Obrazhiyivka who had forcibly worked at the powder factory in Libenau.

In 2013-2014, a joint Ukrainian-German project Youth Photographs History was held in Shostka and Libenau. Students of the Shostka gymnasium studied the biographies of former forced labor workers Stepan Sadovgo and Pelageia Chubun, actively communicated with witnesses and their relatives, and took photographs of historical sites related to their lives. Then they visited Liebenau, toured the territory of the Eibia GmbH powder factory, where these people had worked, and completed the project with a mobile exhibition still on display in the gymnasium.

In May 2016, young people from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Germany came to Libenau to meet with 90-year-old Karl Paiuk, former Ukrainian prisoner of the Libenau Labor Camp, as well as the concentration camps of Neuengamme, Drütte and Bergen-Belsen.

The international art project “I WANT TO GET A FULL PICTURE” is ongoing from 2019. In this project, 13 young artists from Ukraine, Germany, and Belarus – all students of art schools – were acquainted with the history of national socialist forced labor, visited memorial sites and created joint pieces of art.