Repression against SRs and Mensheviks

Only recently was it possible to learn about the extent of Stalin’s repression in Shostka region. According to the Sumy edition of the documentary “Rehabilitated by History”, more than 1,200 locals were repressed in Shostka and the district

The first victims of the repression were allies and opponents of the Bolsheviks during the revolutionary contests, members of the Menshevik, Socialist Revolutionary Party, participants in the rebellion against the Bolshevik Special Army of Remnyov in April 1918 ( /152540/), members of the Roman Litovchenko detachment, which waged an armed struggle against the Red Army in 1918.

Some of the repressed that have survived in their families have been found. The museum exhibits photos of residents of Shostka, factory workers accused of participating in the 1918 Revolutionary Rebellion and shot: Ivan Mashyckij, Theodosius Udovenchik, Nikifor Arkhipchenko. You can also read the document, Resolution_of_prossecutor_DASO_470_896 (1). In 1956, the Prosecutor of Sumy Region found it illegal and appealed (appealed).

Archival investigations on Fedor Trigubchenko, Anton Kudas, Mykola Kalinin (Tregubchenko_Petrov_cover, Kalinin cover, Kudas_cover), reveal the method of fabricating allegations. Already at the stage of filling in the questionnaires for the arrested (Petrov_questionnaire, Tregubchenko_questionnaire) and writing a certificate-characteristic from the Shostka City Council, a biased attitude towards these people was formed, the accused tone sounded “served in the hetman gang” (Tregubchenko_certificate) . There are photos of detainees in investigative cases, but they are not signed and we cannot tell who is who (Photo_Tregubchenk_case, Anton_Kudas). This is a very rare case for 1930s affairs. These faces from the files of archival investigative cases – full face, profile – already torn from the society of people, impersonal, cleaned by the camera’s dusty eye.