Fate of Soviet prisoners of war

Soviet prisoners of war were the first to be deported for forced labor to the Reich. Their situation was simply terrible: overcrowded barracks, famine, diseases, lack of warm clothing, isolation, and constant physical violence. The museum presents samples of documents of prisoners of war and their letters home. Each Soviet prisoner of war obtained a personal card in the prison camp. The museum exhibits card samples from prisoners of the military district of Hamburg. The back of these cards carried one of the places of work – the village of Steyerberg, where the Eibia GmbH powder factory was located.

Letter samples from Soviet prisoners of war held in the camps of Germany and Finland were found in the State Archives of the Sumy region. These letters read only, “I am all right, I am alive and well.” But in reality, this was written in order for the letter to pass censorship, or because men who wrote these letters did not want their families to worry too much.