Shostka locals fighting in World War II

The events at the Soviet-German front of 1943-1945 are described through the stories of Shostka city and region residents who fought in the Red Army. The exposition presents photographs and letters from the front, documents on the awards of Semyon Zhuril, Olexandra Belikova, Olexiy Laznenko, Pavlo Kolodok, Olexiy Susol, Ivan Lysenko, Gerasim Vinik, and Illya Plodysty. Of particular interest are the little-known photos of Ivan Kozhedub preserved in the family of pilot Dmitry Titorenko, who was the wingman to the Kozhedub crew during the war.

The exhibition consists of Soviet posters and photographs that convey the advanced and victorious nature of the Soviet army. On the opposite walls are exhibits talking of the cost of this war, the losses and the deaths of soldiers on both sides of the front line. An enlarged photo shows a German cemetery in the Glukhiv district, while symbolic films show the graves and temporary monuments to the Red Army soldiers. Various document samples on tablets speak of losses in the Shostka district.

According to the Shostka District Military Commissariat, 4,865 people were drafted into the Red Army from June 29 to December 30, 1941.

Of them, people were sent to:

  • fighter battalions – 320;
  • units of the national militia – 550 people;
  • guerrilla units – 92;
  • construction of fortifications – 1,860 people;

Between January 1943 and September 1945, a total of 6,823 persons were drafted into the Red Army from the Shostka district.

6,460 residents of Shostka city and region were killed in World War II.

Of them:

  • 3,303 persons were killed at the front lines;
  • 279 people – in the rear of the enemy:
  • 47 persons in camps for prisoners of war and concentration camps;
  • 2,828 persons were reported missing.

And as a certain act of satisfaction, the exposition presents materials on the first trials against the Nazi criminals in Ukraine. You can see the pages of the district-based Zorya newspaper dated January 28, 1945, about the military tribunal of the NKVD troops in the Sumy region over the former city governor of Shostka, Kalinik Lysenko (tablet #36).