Family history of Mikhail Naumov

The story of the famous Soviet guerrilla leader Mikhail Naumov is directly related to Shostka. Here he began his military career, here he met his wife Nadezhda Chernyavskaya, here began his partisan combat journey.

In July 1941, Naval Forces Captain Naumov was surrounded in the area of Skole (Lviv region). Almost six months he was fighting his way through to Shostka, where his wife Nadiya Chernyavskaya came from. He stayed at Oksana Petrenko’s house and she helped him contact the guerrillas. From January 1942, soldier of the Ottoman guerrilla unit, group commander; from October, chief of staff of the operative group of guerrilla units of the Sumy region. From January 1943 through March 1944, being in command of the guerrilla cavalry unit, he conducted three successful raids on the enemy rear in the southern and western regions of Ukraine.

General Naumov’s biography was written by his daughter Galina in the book “General Naumov’s Life” (Kyiv, 2014), which published a rich family archive. The book is available here: Жизнь генерала Наумова, Київ, 2014