Guerrilla movement in Shostka region

Second-floor exposition opens with materials on members of the Soviet underground and guerrilla movement. Constant presence of large detachments of guerrillas east and north of Shostka was another important component of life under occupation. The artistic framework of this exposition comes with banners and a “film” with pictures of guerrilla members: S. Kovpak, M. Naumov, O. Saburov, and O. Fedorov. Four tablets feature well-known materials about the local Shostka underground fighters: Vasyl Shelestunov, Anna Prykhodko, Mykhailo Sirot, Oksana Petrenko, while new materials talk about members of the NKVD operations and intelligence groups. These materials were found by Serhiy Shishkov at the Archive of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine. Documents from the archives of the Ukrainian Guerrilla Headquarters shed light on the organization and activities of the guerrilla units created in the Shostka district. Reports from the German secret police confirm the violent armed struggle in the occupied territory. Civilians found themselves held hostage by this situation. Personal letters, documents and photos from the family archive of Mykhailo Naumov show the personal history of the famous underground fighter.