Fates of Soviet prisoners of war

Camps for Soviet prisoners of war became an important feature of the occupation regime. They were set up in Konotop, Glukhiv, Novgorod-Siversky, and near the Khutir Mikhailovsky railway station in Zhuravka village (now the city of Druzhba). In the fall of 1941, a total of 267 commanders and 11,601 soldiers of the Red Army were held up in the camp to the south of Zhuravka. The Novgorod-Siversky camp for prisoners of war held 6,717 persons, the camp in Glukhiv – 5,594 soldiers. The horrific food situation in these camps is seen from the facts of cannibalism reported by the Nazi punitive units. (See Excerpt from the report on the 1st SS Infantry Brigade). In just 2 months – November and December of 1941, a total of10,500 prisoners of war died in the camp, 270 of them were burned alive under the pretext of fighting the typhus epidemic.

A hospital was organized in Shostka on the initiative of city hospital pharmacist Valentina Pobigailo (see video) for the wounded Soviet prisoners of war, whom the Germans brought to the territory of the fire unit of Plant No. 9. They were taken care of by medical workers, while local women brought them food and clothing. A total of 165 prisoners of war were saved in this “people’s hospital”.