Repressions against civilians

“Everyone was afraid of the foreign soldiers. Then the frontline moved on, and the soldiers left. But they were not the ones to be afraid of. SS units replaced them” (From Ivan Dudar’s interview)

Protection of the rear areas of Wehrmacht was carried out by special units. In October 1941, the 1st Motorized SS Brigade arrived in Shostka. In early December 1941, parts of the 105th Hungarian Royal Division arrived there as well. In the summer of 1942, this area came under the control of parts of the secret field police (GFP, Geheime Feldpolizei). The exposition presents various reporting documents of these security units and a map showing their locations. Their task was to “clean up” the rear areas of the German army from “unreliable elements”.

The first arrests and shootings were carried out by the 1st SS Mobile Motor Brigade which then left, following Wehrmacht. The local police replaced it to keep an eye on the surviving Jews and Soviet activists. The exposition presents a list of former communists working for the occupied Shostka enterprises. Number “29” belongs to Filimon Kirichok, a worker at Plant No. 9, the father of Maria Kirichok, who was deported to Germany in August 1942.

The registration of the “unreliables” prompted their rapid annihilation in the coming months. In the winter of 1942, Jews from Shostka and the surrounding area were shot in the territory of the Film factory. During July of 1942, Sonderkommand of the Security Police and the SD conducted a “cleanup” in the north of the Sumy region. «After preliminary preparations in Shostka, Yampil, Seredynna Buda and Hilchichi, on 16.07. a population check was carried out. 658 arrests were made, of which 215 people were shot” (see document in the “Archive” section). It was this SD Sonderkommand that carried out executions in Shostka on July 19, 1942, in the territory of the Chemical Technology College. Here, among many others, Filimon Kirichok and Mikhail Tarasenko, head of the electric shop of the Pirogovo Sawmill, were shot.