“Family Memory” Arts Exposition

The main idea in creating the Family Memory memorial educational complex is to show the fate of the civilian population of Ukraine during the Second World War, to tell about the lives of people who did not fight in the lines, who died unarmed. The museum is dedicated to prisoners of war, victims of the Holocaust and of forced labor, prisoners of Nazi and Stalin’s concentration camps.

The foundational principle of the exposition is telling the story of several generations of participants and witnesses of the events of the Second World War in the Shostka region through the difficult biographies of ordinary people and family-preserved memories. Chronologically, the story covers the life of one person and almost all of the 20th century.

The exposition begins with the reconstruction of a living room from furniture stored in the family of Halyna Malyukova. The museum installation conveys their family comfort, the atmosphere of that time and symbolizes the beginning of life. Photos are hanging on the wall of the makeshift room. In them, we see the heroes of the museum’s story as they were in their childhood or adolescence years, what their parents, brothers and sisters looked like, what clothes they wore at that time.