Zhurylo Semyon Mykhailovych (1907 – 1970)

SEMYON ZHURYLO (1907, Bakhmach, Chernihiv region). After finishing the Chernihiv Agricultural Technical School in 1930, was sent to the Shostka district to work as a land technician. In September 1936, Semyon became a teacher of mathematics and physics in the Ivot 7-year school. Semyon also studied at the Glukhiv State Teacher Training Institute by correspondence (1937-1940). He married Zinaida Klyuyeva and the couple had two children: Victor and Alla. At the beginning of the war, Semyon Zhurylo was not drafted into the Red Army, but remained in the occupied Ivot. From September 5, 1943, he worked as the chief land manager of the Shostka district. He was drafted into the Red Army in April 1944 as an ordinary shooter of the 2nd Battalion of the 357th Rifle Regiment of the 1st Baltic Front Battalion. Semyon was awarded the Red Star Order and medals for bravery and for victory over Germany. After his demobilization in November 1945, he returned to the village of Ivot to work as a teacher of mathematics and later as an assistant principal of the Ivot school.