Korotka Oleksandra (1925- 2014)

OLEKSANDRA KOROTKA (1925 – 2014) was born in the village of Antonivka, Yampil district. On August 19, 1943, she was deported for forced labor in Germany. She worked at a metallurgical plant in Eischporg.

The camp had one barrack for women and three barracks for men. Here, she met her future husband Grigory. After the war, they were separated at a Soviet filtration station. Grigory was mobilized to a work battalion. Olexandra was pregnant and returned to her home village of Antonivka. Later, she moved to Shostka and worked as a packer at a chemical plant. The photo with a poem on the back was sent by her husband Grigory in 1945 from the logging station. In her interview, Olexandra does not explain why they did not rebuild their family after the war.