Dotsenko (Masych) Maria

MARIA DOTSENKO (MASYCH) (1923 – 2013) was born in 1923 in the village of Obrazhivka. After seven years of rural school, she continued her education at the college and worked as a laboratory assistant at Shostka Film Factory No. 6 and later at the Zorya printing house.

In the summer of 1942, she was forcibly deported to work in Germany. She found herself working at the Eibia GmbH powder factory near the villages of Steyerberg and Libenau. Until May 1945, she worked as a powder cutter at the press.

After the war, Maria was transported from Steyerberg to Magdeburg, Eastern Germany, to the Soviet occupation zone. From May to November 1945, she worked on the dismantling of a German military plant whose equipment was to be moved to the USSR. While at this job, she met her future husband who was also a forced laborer in Steyerberg and later arrived in Magdeburg.

After returning home, they lived in the village of Sobichevo, where they organized a sewing workshop. Later, Maria worked in the forestry and as a school cleaner. In 1964, their family moved to Shostka and built their own house. In Shostka, Maria worked for 27 years in Kindergarten No. 4 as a washerwoman.