Korotkov Volodymyr (1922 – 2013)

VOLODYMYR KOROTKOV (1922 – 2013) was born in 1922 in the village of Osov, Chernihiv region. Volodymyr’s father was an active member of the Bolshevik Party, secretary of the village council, his mother was a housewife. The family had two younger sons, Ivan and Petro. In 1931, the family moved to Shostka. His father worked at Film factory No. 6 where he was in charge of transportation. During the Nazi occupation, the Korotkov family was on a “special account” as the Communist family. In August 1942, Volodymyr was deported to work in Germany. Later, his younger brother Petro was also taken away for forced labor, but he died in an escape attempt. Volodymyr was sent to the Eibia GmbH powder factory near the villages of Steyerberg and Liebenau. From the very beginning, he started damaging the products, spoiling machines and tools in every way possible. Korotkov was repeatedly punished for this, on one occasion he even received 25 blows with a rubber stick. The police officers, including his fellow countrymen, took part in the execution. Volodymyr barely survived, was ill for a long time, and had hearing problems for the rest of his life.

After the liberation of the camp by British troops, from April 26 to June 12, 1945, Volodymyr joined the Anglo-American troops to take part in clearing the territory of the remains of armed German formations.

In June 1945, he was drafted into the Soviet Army and served in the tank repair unit until 1954. Due to health problems (the result of the Sieberberg camp), Korotkov was sent to reserve with group 3 disability. He returned to Shostka and worked at the Zirka Powder Plant until his retirement.